Thank For Your Stay (for Grampa May 8,1921-May 4, 2014)

We are all here today because we have
lost our grandpa, our great-grandpa,
our friend, our dad…but he would
not want us to remain sad. Instead,
we should celebrate his stay, find joy
in how long he remained with us, watching over
all of us these last eighteen years after
his love had passed away.

We should celebrate, and find comfort in,
knowing he has rest in our Father’s eternity.
Although he is gone from this world we still
will always be together…his spirit will live
on in each of us until the end of own journey.

His blessings on my life will never be forgotten.
Every summer in his care,
His own room to share,
hide ‘n seek and swinging high,
learning the value of simplicity
and life’s rules to abide by,
ice cream twists,
listening when he reminisced…
and always three kisses.

There are countless reasons for me to say
“Thank you for your stay”

He served his country, served his family,
even friends, and now in his much deserved
rest he will be the smile of the sun,
the touch of a breeze, the good-night kiss
of the moon, and always loved by everyone.


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