I have always known this world
offers no shelter, it’s nothing but
see-through. To finally find you
was to find home–had been away for
so long that I apologize for the
times I needed so much from you.
Please bring your love to me and
believe that broken is not what I
strive to be. You changed my wonder before
and can again. I will no longer wonder
on who or me, on here and then. Here is what
it is, here is you, and then doesn’t bring
any cheer it’s true.
No more will I wonder on should’ve, could’ve, or
why. Instead I will wonder on the sky and where
to new our eyes are going to see. I will wonder
on your breath aligned with mine, kissing you
deeply until the taste of your heart lingers on
my tongue, and on how the sun and moonlight make
your eyes shine. I will wonder on the idea of
time and how lovers are its song–
so we are a symphony until the day we
change to unfolded souls and fly free.


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