April is National Poetry month and I wrote this in response
to etchedsouls challenge at write a
poem telling someone you love them without ever using the word

I would divorce reality if you asked,
to stay married to you,
my vitality
my sensuality

I would climb the highest mountain peak
if that was the way to the peace you seek

With you I would sail the sea
to any island you thought
your dreams would be

I would save up the last of the light
and give it to you,
if darkness threatened it all,
for I need only your hand to
know I won’t fall

If you were ever to disappear from my view,
I would be left on broken ground–
Oh how the anguish of my heart
would in that void resound,
How am I to stand on shifting sand?

I pray with me you’ll always stay
with you I want to grow old and gray
I’ll become your memory,
in yours you can hold my youthful beauty,
and peacefully we can together fade away.

You must know now because why


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