Shut In (for her)

It’s a dark place to be
I wish to find the words
to make you see.

Your inner voice is so loud now,
I can see it on your face.
I know because, for far too long,
I had been in your same place.

The fabric of your spirit cut away
by condemning words, sharp as razor blades,
stealing the light from your eyes
until they are drawn and covered
with depression’s shades.

When are you good enough?
Please don’t stay here long
listen to your friend when she
says you are strong.

You’re wasting breath,
only fighting yourself to death.
Fight the demons instead,
it’s only they who would
want you dead.

See that you are loved
embrace your youth,
stop chasing a “He” to be free.

Let your life begin,
don’t let that disparaging voice win.
The longer you listen
the further from up you fall,
becoming blocked by a seemingly
insurmountable wall.
Don’t stay locked inside your mind
forever shut in.


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