Absolute and true, you will never find in me
a suspicious gesture towards your heart.
Undisputed, as time has revealed, my
exhilaration for you is not a novelty,
but an emotional response, from which I
could never part.

Trust in me that I hold your dreams as you
hold mine…with tender sincerity.
Honesty is clarity, fusing together our
vulnerable hearts and bringing our dreamy
path into reality.

Embracing helps stave off the fears
we are working on erasing.
Nights are not lonely even if shared
in silence, for feelings unspoken can
be felt by the truest lovers only.

Time is the test of a false soul.
Inevitably it will break away as lies
cannot connect to something that is whole.

Clearly our love has remained, unbroken
even against the grain. So I know it is true,
our love is full of authenticity that joins us
in sweet synchronicity.

Inside our love loyalty abounds.
Trace my heart and I will trace yours,
and our way will always be found…
our hearts are our common ground.

My love for you is absolute, this you will
never have to doubt…for yours is a love
I would not want to go without.


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