Happy almost Friday everyone! I am feeling rather frustrated today and can’t shake my
dark mood, so I tried to vent in this one…comments and thoughts are always appreciated!

I always wonder at houses I pass by,
I think on the families living inside.
Which ones share my understanding of the
struggle of living this life?
Which ones have it easy, not having to try?

Then again, outsides are hard to read,
even if they are clean and mowed they
can still be in need. All of these
appearances show the gain of the
“American Dream”
This must mean they are flourishing,
but these days no one wants to be part of
a team. We don’t connect personally or
communally around a dream.

And so, with all of the “to each his own”
and “that’s just the way it is” mentalities,
you could look at my house and never see
how we are just funding the success of another…
fighting to regain what he has plundered.

So while we are all bending to the speed of the
race, how many with me, have stopped and wondered,
Is this flourishing…or just diminishing?


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