By that point I was pretty settled in-
had become one with the numb that had
blanketed around my heart.
It had settled in obscurely like twilight
fading to gloom–so subtle you don’t notice
until it’s black.

Black was what you gave to me.
I still worked hard, though I
could no longer see, to overcome your
dark gift to me–of dwindling my hope, my
wonder, my love for life.

Then I made it out, got away…
but to my dismay I still felt the same.
So imagine my surprise when I felt my heart
begin to race looking in your eyes.
My wonder, my love was still there, they did
not fade away.

I had finally found daybreak in your aubade…
come and stay.


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2 Responses to untitled

  1. Wonderful, love the last lines 🙂

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