word of the day challenge number two

Okay, my husband said to go ahead and share this one on the blog (I already posted it to my instagram for the challenge) even though I was unsure about it…the word threw me off! Today’s word was beastiary….let me know your thoughts!

The morning wakes me with the shining sun,
but I cannot enjoy the light as I begin to realize
that my shadow heart has returned.

I can feel the weight of it in my chest,
It threatens to pull me under…inside the
dark places of myself away from the light.

But as I waken more, I can also feel as if this time
it has been flooded with the fullness and weight of a
dragon’s tears from a beastiary anthology.

Tears that have magic to, once and for all,
wash away the past that brings this lurking shadow
closer to shrouding my heart


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