For my daughter

To me you are a rainbow,
All of the colors splitting through a prism.
But what is your color my Daughter?
The color you choose when you are seeking a place
to rest your eyes and enjoy a peaceful breath?

To me you are melody and harmony,
A beautiful song permeating my days.
But what is your song my Daughter?
The song of your heart that makes your dreams take flight?

To me you are volumes of the most loved books,
You are filled with stories,
Most I know very well, for you came from just below my heart.
But there are many more stories inside you waiting to unfold.
So what is your word my Daughter?
The word that can keep your heart awake to chase your dreams?

When you find them…your color, your song, your word,
Tuck them away the folds of your thoughts and think on them often.
Let them change as you change,
Tuck them away again and again,
And always come back to these pieces that form the inner you…
So that you never lose sight of your dreams!


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