Finding the Light

The bricks are crumbling…
The ones that slowly gathered at our door
Until we picked them up,
And built them up.
They came from everywhere
Innocuously disguised as life’s golden rules.
This is just the way it is my dear,
It’s all black and white.
There’s this way and the wrong way.
There are just things you have to put away.
But we want color…
More dreams than just deadlines,
Faith without thoughtless words.
If you question, we can’t stay.
That’s okay…
Because we see the holes now in the bricks you left,
The light is flooding in,
And we will keep working to tear down these walls that were built around us,
Trading the shadows for light-
Bright like the morning light on the shore.
Trading noise for music,
Trading hurt for laughter,
And for finally living beautifully,
Coming home to each other.


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