In Progress

In Progress

I started this one about a month ago and am finally getting back to it…I think I intimidated myself
a bit with trying to get what was in my head onto the canvas! Anyway, I think this one is going to take a little longer to complete than my last two, but I thought I would share the progress.

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

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3 Responses to In Progress

  1. Bonnie Hanson says:

    Looking good…

    NMLS ID: 423855

  2. Jenny says:

    Really pretty! I like the greens and yellows!

    • vgarrison77 says:

      Thank you! I’m really liking the effect of these colors too…just going to take some
      time to create the depth 🙂
      I went through your blog the other day and really enjoyed seeing the Italy photos and
      all of the before and after pictures of the house…you put a lot of work in!

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