Can’t keep time in a bottle

So I think I will share a little of my emotional mom side this morning 🙂

I just received my daughter’s High school placement test registration in the mail yesterday and

I’m thinking “I just celebrated my son’s eighth grade graduation, I am not ready for hers too!”

Time goes so fast with the kids, for me anyway, because I know it all seems to crawl by for them.

So I thought I would share what I wrote when my son headed out the door for his first day of

High School this year.  I am sure I will pause and second guess hitting the publish button when I am

finished since this is probably the first time I will be sharing personal writing with the public, but here

it is!


August 21, 2013

Today my son started High School…and I just keep thinking about how I could never quite picture this day

when he was little.  It seemed so far off, but now all of the growing up has really made its presence known.

I’m so proud of him and am amazed at the young man he’s turning into when I look at him.  Yet at the same time

images of my baby boy overlap my vision.  He tells me about his friends, his day, his new technological discoveries,

his latest skateboarding accomplishment and I am listening but pushing him on the swings at the part at the same

time.  I am listening but watching him build a Lego tower and crash his cars into it.  I am listening but seeing him

climb a tree and dress up like spider man.  I am listening but we are working on crafts at the kitchen table and

reading bedtime stories.

I am filled with all of those days of childhood that passed so quickly with all its wonder and am now very aware

that each day forth should be counted because in a moment he will be ready for new beginnings. In the blink of

an eye he will be a man.  I will always be there for him, listening, and for now continue to guide.  It fills my heart

with joy to be part of strengthening his wings, but at the same time my heart wants to slow these days flying by-

push off that future a bit farther into the distance where he takes off…so I am savoring these days, even when

parenting a teenager feels like hitting a brick wall or asks for more sacrifice. 

I am savoring, because in a moment he will be grown,

but even then,

I will be here

to listen

to love


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4 Responses to Can’t keep time in a bottle

  1. Caryn Hobbs says:

    So, I started to write a reply yesterday in response to your fears of revealing things that you feel might be too personal. (It’s really hard to text and feed a baby at the same time.) Now, I see that it wasn’t necessary. I’m so glad that you took a risk and shared this very personal piece of yourself. I enjoy reading this more than the generic goings-on in people’s lives and I feel that this embodies more the spirit of what a blog is all about. Seeking wisdom (even if wisdom entails learning how to make vegan meals or a nifty craft) or being taken along on a personal journey are why people like reading blogs. This was beautiful and brave and I loved reading it!

    • vgarrison77 says:

      Aww thank you! That means a lot to me, and I am so glad you are able to view the blog. I’ve been working on it
      again only just this week…hopefully I will be able to continue to connect with readers and myself 🙂 I am so
      computer stupid though beyond the basics and trying to get this blog up and running and getting noticed has been
      daunting…it’s still not quite where I want it as far as appearance but I guess I will figure it out eventually!
      I was so happy to see your response and needed the encouragement…see you soon!

  2. jaynefranks says:

    You’re right you can’t stop them growing up The years pass in a blink. I can’t believe I’m teaching mine to drive. It only seems like yesterday he was ‘brumming’ his toys ones round the kitchen floor. Hey ho forwards and onwards. Love the blog by the way 😉

    • vgarrison77 says:

      Thank you for taking time to read my blog! Driving, wow! Yes, I am happy to wait on that for a bit longer 😉
      I just checked out your blog as well and am excited to see your journey turn into success!

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