Refreshing my Hello!

I say that I am refreshing my Hello, because I made this blog probably around eight months ago, but still haven’t

connected to the blogging world.  I started my blog after years of reading others and when I started to get back

into my artwork and photography. My husband suggested I try and get a space up and running to share my photos,

paintings, recipes and just daily life with our family like everyone I was reading about, and maybe this could be a platform

for some online business 🙂

Now I am going to confess that this first post has had me stumped for days.  I finally decided that I didn’t want it to be a

forced sounding all about me page since I would rather all of that develop as hopefully the blog develops and I gain

friendships 🙂  I am also confessing that I am learning how to set this up on my own as I go…so today begins with this “Hello”

and hopefully my success in tagging this appropriately so I can be found in the vast internet world!

Another think I would like to be successful at today is getting rid of this headache that has me wearing my sunglasses in 

order to somewhat see this computer screen! 

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