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Hi everyone! I know, it’s been a long time since my last post. I needed to take some time off from social media while my family and I prepared for an out of state move. We have moved from Illinois to California and have been here for just two months now. Our kids have made it through their first week at the new high school and my husband and I are embarking on some new business ventures. The above link is for my first ebook that I published on Amazon just last night 🙂 I hope you can take some time to take a look! I will get back into writing more consistently and will continue to paint, but I also would really love to continue to pursue photography and see what I can develop from it, and so another project I will be working on will be to set up a Photography site as well. If anyone knows of a good host or format for displaying photos in high quality I would appreciate the input!
Happy Friday everyone 🙂

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Blooming from the mud
I am the Lotus flower
I will overcome


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Heart to Heart

Today I feel that our hearts
carry lifetimes, yours and mine,
so much to remember
so much to forget
You and I made solely of
strength carrying tradjedies when we met
our embrace brought us alive
our broken pieces fused together
my heart could beat in color
It seems we have always been
standing together
and I am not the same without you
so much to remember
so much to forget
reflections such as these
will always be engraved on our souls
but it’s going to be okay
because we breathe together


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Thank For Your Stay (for Grampa May 8,1921-May 4, 2014)

We are all here today because we have
lost our grandpa, our great-grandpa,
our friend, our dad…but he would
not want us to remain sad. Instead,
we should celebrate his stay, find joy
in how long he remained with us, watching over
all of us these last eighteen years after
his love had passed away.

We should celebrate, and find comfort in,
knowing he has rest in our Father’s eternity.
Although he is gone from this world we still
will always be together…his spirit will live
on in each of us until the end of own journey.

His blessings on my life will never be forgotten.
Every summer in his care,
His own room to share,
hide ‘n seek and swinging high,
learning the value of simplicity
and life’s rules to abide by,
ice cream twists,
listening when he reminisced…
and always three kisses.

There are countless reasons for me to say
“Thank you for your stay”

He served his country, served his family,
even friends, and now in his much deserved
rest he will be the smile of the sun,
the touch of a breeze, the good-night kiss
of the moon, and always loved by everyone.


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I have always known this world
offers no shelter, it’s nothing but
see-through. To finally find you
was to find home–had been away for
so long that I apologize for the
times I needed so much from you.
Please bring your love to me and
believe that broken is not what I
strive to be. You changed my wonder before
and can again. I will no longer wonder
on who or me, on here and then. Here is what
it is, here is you, and then doesn’t bring
any cheer it’s true.
No more will I wonder on should’ve, could’ve, or
why. Instead I will wonder on the sky and where
to new our eyes are going to see. I will wonder
on your breath aligned with mine, kissing you
deeply until the taste of your heart lingers on
my tongue, and on how the sun and moonlight make
your eyes shine. I will wonder on the idea of
time and how lovers are its song–
so we are a symphony until the day we
change to unfolded souls and fly free.


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How much easier would it be
to shed this skin, trade limbs for wings,
so I could fly with the birds…to be just
as close as they are to the voice of life
sent down from above and carried on the wind.

Or trade my feet for fins and dive into His
ocean deep, swim with the rulers of the sea,
tuning into the secrets that they have been
given for safe keep.

Instead, I am me, and thankfully I am blessed
with you…the only one who, when I say, all
the lines are skewed today, understands my
point of view.

You know what I mean when I say that the shadows
are deep, smiles are underdeveloped, and words
are riddles. You are my real in a world that
always feels surreal.


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photos from the weekend

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Razz me,
jazz me out of my

’till I feel the heat of you
course through my veins
replacing my cold apathy.


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Come to me, my love,
pour yourself out at my feet.

Empty yourself of all of the
worthlessness you feel,
and I will fill you up
with the gentlest words of love
for your soul to heal.


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I am a Potter

I am a Potter creating
a very special jar which will hold…

The song of the sun,
the melody of the moon
and memories of childhood
because we grow up too soon.

The smell of rain,
the whisper of snow
and the taste of champagne

The soothing sound of my father’s voice,
children’s laughter and the energy from our love,
in which I rejoice.

A jar full of life’s
faith and poetry,
all that is good, gathered from
Earth and sea.


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